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What is retargeting ?

You must use retargeting because

  • User can easily return to your website, and complete the booking

  • Remarketing increase your brand awareness

  • Stay top of mind during all the booking process

Retargeting in numbers

  • of users complete their booking during the first visit of the hotel’s website.

  • is the average number of websites that a traveler visits before completing the booking process.

  • billion is the amount spent on digital advertising by major OTAs in 2015, mainly in Retargeting.

Why choose IQ retargeting services

  • We have deployed numerous remarketing campaigns that paid off

  • We take care of all the stages of the project, from the establishment of the audience to the design of the announcements as well as their placement online .

  • Our remarketing campaigns are part of a global digital strategy that respects the brand image of each of our partners


The metasearch engines such as, Tripadvisor, Kayak, Trivago as well as Google Hotel Finder has become essential passages for travelers wishing to book a hotel.

For this reason, it is crucial that the official website becomes part of the offers proposed on these markets places.

Therefore, our marketing solution includes setting up, and managing the main metasearch engines for the purpose of maximizing the chances of receiving more direct reservations of your property .

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